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TLK 150 Features

Rapid, Reliable Deployment Use Nationwide

In today’s rapidly evolving world, transportation and logistics companies - and many fleet organizations - are feeling the pressure to ensure that every single part of their operations is fully connected, safe and running on time. Fortunately, there is a technology option that provides the effective voice and data communications your organization needs to get ahead of the competition.

The TLK 150 enables your team to connect instantly on a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio PTT.

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Easy to Use and Manage Built for the Job

More reliable, more efficient and easier to use than a smartphone, the TLK 150 gives you everything you appreciate about two-way radio – and more. Purpose-built for organizations and fleets where in-vehicle communication is paramount, the radios combine power with simplicity – providing instant information without distraction.

  • Never Worry About Rain, Dust or Even the Occasional Drop
  • Easily Manage Your Workforce Using GPS Location Tracking
  • Stay in Touch with Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Complies with the FMCSA Regulations

Nationwide Push-To-Talk

Nationwide communications is trending, and it’s time to enter the Communication Nation with the WAVE two-way radio TLK 150 from Motorola Solutions. Now the reliability and instant push-to-talk features enterprises depend on two-way radios for is available nationwide, ready to scale with your business and carry your business-critical communications from coast-to-coast.

Fast track productivity with a nationwide* push-to-talk network that powers the quickest push-to-talk setup and call times- thanks to the most reliable nationwide network you don’t have to worry about dropping calls.

TLK150 Accessories

TLK150 Two-Way Radio Accessories

You demand the most of your two-way radio. Don't settle for less from your accessories. Motorola offers the smartest, most versatile, and complete portfolio of accessories for your TLK150 Radio. Unleash the full potential of your WAVE two-way radio with Motorola Original™ accessories that deliver uncompromising durability, reliability, and intelligence. Make communicating easier and safer with these optional accessories from a simple PTT microphone to a complete hands free solution.

  • Vehicular Hands-Free Solutions
  • External PTT with Emergency Footswitch
  • Connectors and Cables, Antennas, and Mounting Options

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