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WAVE PTX™ App Features

Get More Done Faster with WAVE PTX™ Push-To-Talk Service

When it comes to speed, nothing is faster than push-to-talk, and there‚Äôs no faster way to get started than with a WAVE PTX™ cloud-based subscription. Your team can be up and running in less than an hour and you get predictable costs without long-term commitments.

Accelerate the Flow of Information within Your Organization and Increase Productivity with Secure, Affordable Push-To-Talk.

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Communicate at the Touch of a Button

Push-to-Talk (PTT) is no longer only for two-way radios. Group communication can now include those who rely on smartphones and tablets as well as two-way radios. WAVE PTX™ is a communication service that instantly connects your team at the push of a button and shares multimedia information using the broadband devices and networks they already have.

  • WAVE PTX™ Will Work on Any Device on Any Network
  • Deploy PTT Across a Fleet of Smartphones Regardless of Carrier
  • Push-To-Talk on Any Carrier, Any Device

WAVE OnCloud PTT Takes Push-To-Talk Further

Let everyone be part of the conversation with a WAVE OnCloud Push-To-Talk (PTT) subscription service. See how WAVE OnCloud from Motorola Solutions makes sense for your business.

Move Beyond PTT to Instantaneous Multimedia Communication

Single App. Multiple Functions. Get all your group communication needs in one easy-to-use app for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Instantly Connect with a Group or Individual, Group and Private PTT, Multimedia Communication, Text a Message, Send a Photo, Share a Video, Location Sharing and Mapping, View Talkgroup Members on a Map.

SafeGuardFeature Set

This feature set includes LMR interop, ambient listening, discreet listening, emergency, remote user check, map based talkgroups on mobile client, and location based talkgroups (geofenced area) in WAVE PTX™ Dispatch.

Enhance Safety. Improve Situational Awareness.

  • Emergency Calling
  • Ambient Listening
  • Discreet Listening
  • Remote User Check
  • Enable/Disable
  • Map-based Communication

WAVE PTX™ Streaming Video

Add streaming video to WAVE PTX™ app and increase communication clarity and improve situational awareness with streaming video at the push of a button. Provide a real-time view of events and activities as they happen.

  • Users Stream Video to Individuals, Groups or Dispatchers
  • Simultaneously Stream Video and Initiate/Receive PTT Calls
  • Dispatchers Pull Video to Request Streaming from Users
  • Past Video Streams Shown in History

Extend LMR to Broadband MOTOTRBO™ Goes Nationwide

Do you need the ability to communicate with existing on-site radio systems from anywhere in the country? Upgrade your WAVE PTX™ subscriptions, allowing the ability to connect your MOTOTRBO system to either WAVE PTX™ Push-To-Talk smartphone users or our WAVE PTX™ Nationwide Network.

  • Group Call Between MOTOTRBO and WAVE Users
  • Private Call Between MOTOTRBO and WAVE Users
  • Caller ID Across MOTOTRBO and Broadband Devices