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WAVE PTX™ Dispatch

Centralized Communications Anywhere

Simplify day-to-day operations with WAVE PTX™ Dispatch. Login from any Internet connection and get access to all the communication tools you need to manage your resources and coordinate an effective operation. Regardless of location, with WAVE PTX™ Dispatch you’re just a click away.

WAVE PTX™ Dispatch on the Web: Monitor up to 20 talkgroups and talk on any as needed. One-to-one, group and broadcast PTT. Presence (Available, Do Not Disturb, Offline)

Setup Operations Anywhere

WAVE PTX™ Dispatch lives in the cloud, not on your PC, freeing you from maintenance and manual software updates. Securely sign into WAVE PTX™ Dispatch from anywhere with an Internet connection and a standard web browser.

Exchange Multimedia Information, inclduing: Texts, Photos (GIF, JPEG, PNG), Videos (MPEG-4), Audio Files (AAC, MP3), Documents (PDF) and Location Data.

Share the Details

When the details are important, ensure your team has all the information they need. With integrated messaging you can send text, photos, video and files to groups and individuals in a familiar message thread format. See the location of your team, search for an address or point of interest and improve coordination and planning.

Locate and see: Users on a Map, Electable Map Views, Automatic and on Demand Location Updates, Find an Address or Point of Interest, Location History and Replay, and In-Map Communication.

WAVE PTX™ Administration Web Portal

WAVE PTX™ is easy to use and manage with the WAVE PTX™ Administration Web Portal.

  • Manage Your WAVE PTX™; Account
  • Add & Remove WAVE PTX™ Users
  • Drag-n-Drop WAVE PTX™ Users onto Talkgroups

SafeGuardFeature Set

This feature set includes LMR interop, ambient listening, discreet listening, emergency, remote user check, map based talkgroups on mobile client, and location based talkgroups (geofenced area) in WAVE PTX™ Dispatch.

  • Emergency Calling
  • Ambient Listening
  • Discreet Listening
  • Remote User Check
  • Enable/Disable
  • Map-based Communication

WAVE PTX™PTT Streaming Video

Streaming Video increases clarity and improves situational awareness, resulting in faster, more accurate communication in the moments that matter.

Provides a real-time view of events and activities as they happen.

  • Push Video – Mobile User-Initiated Streaming
  • Pull Video – Dispatcher-Initiated Video
  • Video Streamed to Individuals, Defined Groups, or Ad Hoc Groups
  • Simultaneously Stream Video and Initiate/Receive PTT Calls